Thank Our Heroes


Thank Our Heroes

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways we could not have imagined, but through it all, we have had brave heroes on the front lines working hard.

As a way to give back to our frontline heroes, we have created a special package.

You can purchase a ‘Thank Our Heroes’ package, and we will deliver it to the essential business of your choice. The products will then be given out to the essential workers of that organisation for free.

  • Each package contains 40 units of our 50ml all-natural body butter, proudly produced in the heart of Bristol.
  • The product variety is evenly distributed across order (Eg: 10 Revitalise, 10 Healing, 10 Radiance, 10 Rejuvenate)
  • You can choose the type of essential business you would like the ‘Thank Our Heroes’ package to go to, for example, a supermarket, care home, hospital, police service, fire service, social care, or educational institution.
  • We will deliver the package directly to the essential business and let them know you sent the order. You can also remain anonymous if you wish to.
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Product Description

We are all advised to follow government guidelines with the most important steps being:

  • Constantly washing our hands
  • Covering our mouths when coughing or sneezing
  • Social distancing

Staying safe is important and will save many lives during these uncertain times.

Skin Care – Constantly washing your hands is it can lead to mild irritable skin conditions such as hand dermatitis due to excessive exposure to water. Over-washing our hands can also cause dry cracks in the skin, giving bacteria an entry point into our bodies, not to mention redness, itching, and flaking of the skin.

Being on the frontline should not mean essential workers have to ruin their skin or neglect their own personal care in the process. Washing hands should be immediately followed up with moisturising our hands.

Moisturising our hands regularly can prevent irritable skin conditions such as skin dermatitis and others mentioned above. Moisturising our hands after washing can also keep our hands deeply nourished, protected from harsh elements, and soft.

Help us to support our national heroes.

Additional Information

Package Size

40 units

Essential Business

supermarket, care home, hospital, police service, fire service, social care, educational institution, community group

Package Sent From

add my name, remain anonymous