Our Top 4 Favourite Beauty Bloggers Of 2017

Here is a quick list of our favourite beauty bloggers for 2017. Amazing, inspirational and naturally beautiful, These ladies and their beauty blogs will constantly keep you ahead of the latest beauty trends.









1. Brown Beauty Blog – BBB is the UK’s leading online beauty magazine for Women of Colour (WoC). They cover everything from makeup, skincare, body care and hair care and they also feature beauty news, events personalities who work in the beauty industry. The website was created by Ronke Adeyemi back in April 2014 when she saw a gap in the market for an online beauty destinations for Black and Asian women. Ronke and her amazing team of writers are doing an amazing job with keeping us all up to date with the latest beauty trends Check out Brown Beauty Blog here.



2. Beauty Pulse London – Created by Natalie Clue to promote positive representations of Black, Asian and women of a mixed heritage in the British beauty market and mainstream media. Natalie is a champion and a voice for the Black woman and has leveraged the power of social media to spread her much-needed message: Black women are beautiful and make an invaluable contribution to British society that needs to be recognised and celebrated.

In the last five years, Natalie has carved out a pioneering niche in the digital space as a key influencer and spokesperson for Beauty and business news for the contemporary, cosmopolitan British Woman of Colour and her blog has garnered a worldwide following. She has collaborated with leading brands such as Mizani, Fashion Fair, Activilong Paris and Phytospecific and her blog has been featured in Black Beauty and Hair, Black Hair, Pure Beauty, Pride, Psychologies and Stylist magazine to name a few. Check out Beauty Pulse London here.




3. I Want You To Know  – Created in 2008 by Kristabel Plummer. I Want You To Know is geared towards people who are trying to make the most out of life, but accepts that there may be hiccups along the way. Kristabel’s blog is vibrant, positive, light-hearted while honestly reinforcing her message “it’s okay to be different, overwhelmed and still sorting your life out”.


The ‘I Want You To Know’ blog has turned into the backdrop for Kristabel’s defining twenty-something years giving you an insight into her life as she shares a few things that she has picked up along the way. Check out ‘I Want You To Know’ here.



4. Patricia Bright – Patricia Bright is a beauty blogger currently taking over the world by storm. Stunning, classy and fun loving, Patricia’s blog is the one stop shop for all of the latest must-have beauty products. The London based blogger has a massive fanbase online with her Instagram followers steady heading towards the 1 million followers mark. Patricia regularly shares her favourite looks, life, and journey with an online community. Check out Patricia Bright’s Blog here.