We believe in beauty with benefits so we proudly use 100% natural ingredients in all of our products. 


Shea Butter

Naturally rich in vitamins A, E, and F.  

Offers UV Protection (SPF-6)

Provides essential fatty acids and nutrients

 necessary for collagen production.

Incredibly nourishing & moisturizing for skin.

Minimises stretch marks during pregnancy

Skin softening, strengthening & wrinkle reduction.


Tea Tree Oil

Soothes itchy insect bites, sores and sunburns

Powerful antibacterial properties prevent acne 

 Heals cracked dry skin 

Antiseptic properties soothe and moisturize skin


Avocado Butter

Contains Vitamin C, A and E.

Penetrates deep into skin leaving it nourished and soft.

Effectively relieves dry skin

Helps to reduce the appearance of age spots

Promotes healthy rejuvenated skin

Treats Eczema and Dermatitis


Coconut Oil 

 Conditions moisturize and soften skin

Have antibacterial properties

Protects against sun damage

Acts as an anti-oxidant

Makes a great massage oil


Mango Butter

Contains anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties

Nourishes and hydrates promoting silky smooth skin

Contains Vitamin A, high amount of Vitamin E,C & D

Helps to combat dry skin, eczema, and dermatitis


Olive Oil

Stimulates cell repair for firmer and smoother skin

Rich in Vitamin E

Minimise stretch marks during pregnancy

Softens skin leaving it feeling silky and smooth