N9NE Cosmetics – For Women Who Shine Without A Spotlight.

N9NE Cosmetics is a new all natural cosmetic line that specializes in natural skin care products. Refreshingly vibrant N9NE Cosmetics is a great product which nourishes, revitalizes & protects your skin.

Offering a range of high quality all natural Body Butters, Lip balms and Lotions Bars in a variety of refreshing, exotic and therapeutic fragrances N9NE Cosmetics is the perfect product to introduce a new generation of people to all natural skincare products promoting the message Beauty With Benefits.

Our brand was created to inspire people to love their skin naturally and we are dedicated to making people feel good about their skin and appearance. We want to positively impact the world by offering a high-quality natural cosmetic line produced ethically and locally. 

Worry no more about the chemicals hidden in some of your favourite cosmetic products because you can rest assured that N9NE Cosmetics is 100% Natural just like You. N9NE cosmetics and takes pride in making sure every product produced is made with love and care and to the highest standard.


charmaine lawrence N9NE Cosmetics

Our Founder Charmaine Lawrence say’s: As an entrepreneur, a musician and a mother I am always on the go, working hard to build my empire, I’m no stranger to late nights and early mornings. Along the way I came to understand that to truly give my all and do my best I had to make changes to my diet and lifestyle. This led to me starting to be more conscious about what I was putting in my body as well as what products I was using on my body. 

After researching the products I used on my skin I was surprised by the amount of chemicals and fillers that were in the products and knew that the long-term effects may not be visible but overall could not be good. I also found it hard to find an all natural skincare range that truly reflected and connected with me, and most of the edgy, eye-catching, highly publicized products were often filled with all of the chemicals, filler’s and preservatives that I wanted to stay away from. 

Through this need, I decided to create an all natural skincare range that was refreshingly exciting, highly beneficial and ethical in its standards.